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Kemiko Concrete Stain is a penetrating reactive stain that chemically combines with cured concrete to produce permanent, variegated and translucent color effects that are unique to every concrete surface. Kemiko stain transforms your dull concrete to a beautiful mottled antique appearance that will not chip, fade, or peel. When concrete is stained and scored Kemiko creates the appearance of expensive flooring at a fraction of the cost. Unlike paint, Kemiko Stone Tone Stain reacts with the minerals present in the concrete giving it the look and feel of natural stone Enjoy the easy care aspect of concrete floors, which requires a simple mopping.

Kemiko Stone Tone Stain is an excellent choice for both interior and exterior surfaces. Commercial and residential applications driveways and patios are elegantly transformed.
Kemiko is economical, durable, versatile, affordable, and easy to apply and an excellent choice for people suffering from allergies. Maintenance free for a carefree life style.

Stone Tone Stain
Kemiko Stone Tone Stains are not paint. They are made from acid solutions that react with cured concrete to create permanent, translucent colors that will not fade, chip or peel.

Coverage: 350-400 sq. feet per gallon when applying the recommended two applications

Price: $56.15 per gallon TEKLock 4 oz samples $5.50

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Stone Tone Wax
Kemiko wax is designed for use on porous surfaces (primarily interior) that are unaffected by contact with mineral spirits, such as new and old concrete. Wax enhances the depth and color and provides surface protection. The wax is dirt and water resistant.

Coverage: 250-350 sq. feet per gallon depending upon the porosity of the surface.

Price: $35.40 per gallon

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Stone Tone Sealer
Kemiko stone tone sealer is a high solids water base Acrylic Urethane .Designed for interior and exterior use and is non yellowing. Kemiko sealers provide protection and enhance your stained concrete. Sealer comes in satin or gloss finish.

Coverage: 300-400 sq. feet per gallon depending upon the porosity of the surface.

Price: $43.25

Stone Tone Sealer (Non-Yellowing Clear Coating)
This is a high solids, acrylic-urethane sealer designed to provide protection and easy maintenance to Stone Tone Stained concrete or other surfaces requiring a durable, clear coating.
Application: 300 to 400 sq. ft. per coat.
Price: $39.95 per gallon.
Samples: (Of all products) – May be purchased as follows:
_ pint = $9.95 _ pint = $12.95 Pint = $14.95 Quart = $19.95

Concrete Staining—Application
Applying Kemiko Stain can be a “DO IT YOURSELF PROJECT” which can be relatively simple and cost effective, depending on the condition of the existing concrete. Please refer to application instructions. However if this is not an option for you we have experienced application contractors that can transform your dull concrete surface into an elegant, durable easy to maintain work of art.

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Shipping & Handling
We ship throughout the country.

Shipping costs will vary and are classified as hazardous materials.

Please contact our office for more information.

Kemiko of Florida, Inc.
Tel (954) 927-9833
Fax (954) 927-9839

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